Best Digital Signage Deals in Nigeria 2023

Digital Signage

Digital signage design is a display technology like the LED and LCD monitors used to display marketing messages, way findings, movie trailers, menu lists, information on products and services etc.

There are many different places where digital signage is used like in shopping malls, retail stores, office spaces, public places, sporting arenas (Gyms), churches, academic buildings, hotels and restaurants. They are used in these spaces for messaging, marketing, directions and outdoor advertising.




  1. Displays for Communications: Used to communicate various messages such as new products and services in stores, interest rates and forex in Banks, arrival and departure flight times at Airports.
  2. Infotainment -which is a mixture of graphics and live television or vide. Branditprintit provides digital signage price in Nigeria that is affordable to customers, and this creates an enhanced customer experience that is consistent with the ambience and atmosphere.
  3. Menu Boards: Restaurants, Eateries, Lounges, can display their service offerings on digital displays rather than paper menus or fixed displays. Also, Salons, Spas, Auto repair shops and Fitness studios can display rotating content and information on walls, windows and digital screens with signage.
  4. Public Promotion and Advertising Screens: You can use digital signage displays to promote products, services, events, and sales in Nigeria. As multimedia screens feature video and animation in addition to rotating graphics, advertisers can incorporate static ads, product demonstrations, or video testimonials into content. Branditprintit is your digital signage near me whether you are in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Kaduna, or Warri Nigeria.
  5. Interactive and Passive Wayfinding: A signage content library is an essential resource for any modern organization in Nigeria. Apart from helping people find their way, directories make it easy for them to find what they need. It is incredible how incorporating a directory into a wayfinding screen can condense huge wall directories and make it easier for guests to find what they need quickly and easily which is one of digital signage benefits.
  6. Pylon Signage: ylon signage is attractive and calls the attention of potential customers quickly. The large size of a pylon sign makes it a great canvas for beautifully portraying your company’s message.


Here are signage requirements to consider before implementing:


  • What is the number of screens you would like to install?
  • What type of content will you display?
  • How much is your digital signage cost or budget?

Irrespective of the answers to the above questions, Branditprintit – a foremost signage company – delivers with quality, integrity and value in mind. We offer the best deals in the Market with technology advancements that have lowered costs. Your business can afford signage advertising.


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