The Best Digital Signage Design in Nigeria 2022

Digital Signage Design

BRANDITPRINTIT renders the best digital signage design services to our customers. to brings new life to commercial environment in Nigeria. The impact of static signs is becoming less significant, but signage design, on the other hand, is designed to catch the attention of consumers and deliver messages that are designed to improve their experience. digital sign display can show graphics, video, and other content on anything from small form factor screens to giant video walls.

BRANDITPRINTIT remains the leading signage company in Nigeria, that can help you Design your digital signage base on your own taste as regards to your business, install it and also help in printing your designed pylon signage as well as billboard advertising.



  1. Define your signage design purpose

Once your digital signage design purpose has been defined,  Branditprintit can then work on designing your signage content in such a way to make it as effective as possible.

  1. Be aware of your hardware’s compatibility

when we talk about compatibility in terms of hardware, we’re referring to different types of software. When designing content for digital displays though, it’s important to understand if your hardware will display your signage content as you see it on your computer screen.

  1. The 3×5 text rule

The 3×5 rule dictates that advertising using text should not be more than three lines, and that each line contains a maximum of five words. This makes it easy for people passing to digest the entire message quickly and easily on your digital sign display.

  1. Proximity of the intended viewers

Designing content with the 3×5 rule in mind is great for most distances viewer

  1. Choose fonts carefully

the importance of The choice of font made for your signage display content can be one of the most important design decisions you can make.

  1. Remember your branding, but be prepared to make concessions

Any signage you have should tie in with your business branding somehow. This is especially true of signage situated away from your store or office, so that viewers can get a sense of which company the signage is referring to.

  1. Content Hierarchy

If there are several elements to your signage design, it’s worth taking a minute to work out the design hierarchy of your page.

  1. Testing and feedback

It’s important not to take the success of your design techniques for granted. Even seasoned designers ask for feedback occasionally.

If your aim is to make people aware of an event that starts at a particular time and date

  1. Alignment

As mentioned beforehand, the image you see on your screen when designing, may differ in some ways when displayed on your digital signage hardware because a border is not allowed.

  1. Colours and contrast

When presented with an almost unlimited colour palette, it’s easy to opt for our favourite colours. This must be heeded to when choosing for digital signage designs.

Digital Signage Design Digital Signage Design Digital Signage Design Digital Signage Design

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