5 Best Signage and Outdoor Advertising Strategies

Signage and Outdoor Advertising

The importance of signage and outdoor advertising can never be overemphasised upon for anybody or organising that is serious about marketing and visibility. That being said, here are five best ways to get the best out of your signage and outdoor advertising.

1. Signage and Outdoor Advertising Location

The location for your signage our outdoor advert is probably the most important thing to consider when you want to get the best return on your investment. For starters, it should be in a location with high volume of human and vehicular traffic. Consider locations such as markets, bus stops, areas with high traffic congestion etc You should also consider if that location has a good percentage of your target audience and not just human traffic alone. For instance, it makes more sense to place your sanitary
pad outdoor advertising close to an all-girls school instead of close to an all-boys school.

2. Signage Positioning

It is easy to confuse the position of your signage and outdoor advert with location, but the truth is that they are not the same thing. Location deals with the exact place it occupies geographically while position deals with how it is placed in that location. When positioning your signage or outdoor advertisement, it is best to ensure that is facing oncoming traffic as opposed to backing it. The placement should neither be too high above eye level nor too low below eye level. People tend to be a lot more focused on where they are headed than any other thing, so it is best to align your signage and outdoor advert to their eye line and field of vision. This is very important not just for marketing purposes alone, but for important signages such road signs to avoid accidents and navigation errors.

3. Signage and Outdoor Advertising Cost

It goes without saying that cost is a very important factor as well. You should consider the size of your business, market, industry and goal before choosing the your signage and outdoor advertising. For instance, a relatively small business such as a phone shop won’t have the same budget as a telecommunications company like MTN, therefore, it won’t make sense for them to start mounting expensive billboards all over the city. God for something within your budget that has a relatively good return on investment. Small businesses can start with a signpost near their shop/office, branded shirts and caps, banners and pasting posters as opposed to mounting billboards that are quite expensive.

Lampost Outdoor Signage
4. Colour scheme
When it comes to the colours used on your signage and outdoor adverting, it is best to use high visibility colours such as yellow, white, red etc. If such colours aren’t possible due to things like your company colour scheme and logo, it is usually best to use a mix of contrasting colours for the background and text.
Beyond just colours, ensure that the signage reflects light properly

Pylon Signage and Outdoor Advertising Signage and Outdoor Advertising Signage
5. Type
There are various types of signage and outdoor adverting. These include LED billboards, plain billboards, road signs, posters, bus/car branding, shirt branding, banners etc You choice depends on budget and other metrics that matter to you. For instance, dynamic LED billboards are cheaper than regular billboards even though they might occupy the same location, but some companies still prefer the regular nondynamic billboards because they fear that they might not get the visibility they seek if they
opt for dynamic LED billboards that show several ads from different companies in a short
space of time.

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