Five Important Traffic Signage Types and Their Meaning in Nigeria

Traffic Signage

Road traffic Signage are very important for drivers and pedestrians using the roads. They communicate a lot of things to safeguard lives and reduce traffic. They might as well be called informational signs because they convey important information.

They are categorised into regulatory, warning, and guide traffic signs and they all come in various colours depending on the category. When road safety signs are yellow, they are there to caution road users about potential dangers while using that road.

If the safety signs are green, they are simply guiding road users on which direction to follow. These signs usually have the names of upcoming routes on them. They are mostly directional signs and arrow signage.

If the traffic signage design has a white background, it means that it is a regulatory sign and since this is there to deter road users from committing road traffic offences, it can also be called a caution sign.

 Whichever category road signs are, one important thing a road traffic signage must possess is good visibility in both daytime and night-time. It doesn’t mean that they should be illuminated signs, but the material used must be reflected and colours must be bright.

 So without further to do, here are five important road traffic signage meaning

1. Stop Road Traffic Signage

Traffic Signage

A stop sign is a fairly common road traffic sign that is used to tell drivers to stop. It is usually placed at intersections/junctions so that the driver can come to a complete stop first, then check his environment to be certain that the road is clear before proceeding once more.


2. A No U-Turn Road Traffic Signage

Traffic Signage

This is a very common road traffic signage design in Nigeria. It means that a driver cannot turn at that particular junction/intersection and must keep going ahead. Although many drivers disobey it, it is meant to control traffic in an area that usually has high volume of traffic.


3. Then, the Opposite, U-Turn Traffic Signage

Traffic Signage

This is the opposite of the “No U-turn” road traffic signage design. Just like the name says, it means that t=drivers can make a U-turn at any junction they see this road safety sign.


4. One way Road Safety Signage

Traffic Signage

This is one important road traffic sign that many Nigerians have fallen victim to. It essentially means one-way traffic, but because it is not written as one way signage, Nigerians tend to ignore it until they are caught by LASTMA. They are of two types. One with the wording “Do not enter” and another without any wording at all. Anyone you see, just understand that is a s one-way traffic signage.


5. Speed Limit Road Traffic Sign

This road traffic sign indicates the maximum speed a driver should use on that particular stretch of road. It is used to reduce accident on a road.


6. No Parking Road Sign

This Road sign is used to caution drivers not to park in a particular area. It is usually found on the side of the road close to the sidewalk.


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