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BRANDITPRINTIT Fire signage Nigeria is designed to warn staff and visitors of any fire hazards, to provide an instruction or to give safety information on signage board. It is vital to provide clear and concise instructions or signage codes, signage regulations and fire signage meaning about the actions to take in the case of a fire. According to international standards, there are 5 categories of fire signage: prohibition signs, warning signs, mandatory signage, emergency exit signs/escape routes (directional arrows) and fire equipment signs.



Fire safety signs and categories of fire signage are color coded in order to make them quick and easy to recognize in the event of a fire.

Fire signage Fire signage Fire signage

Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs prohibit actions from staff and visitors, which would be detrimental to health and safety.

Fire Safety Warning Signs

A warning sign is YELLOW: which signifies a potential hazard (e.g. fire hazards), obstacle, or element requiring special attention and care.

Fire point signs are RED: and designed to highlight the location of fire-fighting equipment, such as fire extinguishers and fire hoses, as well as the nearest fire alarm. The fire assembly point should be easily accessible to all!

BLUE fire safety signs (mandatory signs): indicate actions to be carried out by guests and employees to comply with statutory requirements. Specific fire risks can be minimized by following safety signs instructions.

Firefighting equipment for different types of fire Signage

There is a huge range of firefighting equipment which can be split into two types: portable (fire extinguishers and fire blankets), and fixed systems (sprinkler systems).

Portable fire fighting equipment includes extinguishers, there are 5 common different types of fire extinguishers you need to be aware of:

  1. Water – red with a white label
  2. Foam – red with a cream label
  3. Carbon dioxide – red with a black label
  4. Dry powder – red with a blue label
  5. AFFF (Aqueous film-foaming foam) – red with a cream label

Fire equipment signs will help you to locate the extinguishers and other fire equipment needed to lessen the blaze. However, fire exits and fire exit routes should be made clear in order for people to plan their escape routes.


Fire exit signs are a legal requirement and part of your health & safety responsibilities as a landowner, business owner, landlord, office manager, and more. Fire exit signs need to be placed at ‘each and every change in direction, on any given route to a fire exit’. In simple terms, fire door signs should be placed immediately above the final exit door – with escape route signs and directional arrows clearly visible to guide people to the nearest fire exit.

Buy fire safety signs and symbols

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Most of us take the presence of fire safety signs for granted That’s exactly why they are a crucial element of any businesses’ fire safety strategy. Read our full guide to categories of fire signage and fire safety signs to discover why they’re so important, if your business is required to use signage by law, what the various categories of fire signage  are, as well as what each sign really means.

 Why are fire safety signs so important?

It’s vital that everyone in a building is aware of their nearest fire exit, escape routes and where to find firefighting equipment. Fire signage is essential in guiding the occupants of your business premises when a fire breaks out. If employees and visitors don’t know where their nearest fire escape route and equipment is located, they could be susceptible to serious harm.

Is fire safety signage required by law?

Your business must be compliant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) (often referred to as RRO). This life saving legislation, set out by the Nigeria government, brings together all of the fire safety laws and safety regulations and fire signage guidance for businesses in the Nigeria.


What do blue fire signs mean?

Blue fire safety signs denote mandatory action. As per BS 5499, these signs must take the form of blue circles with white font or symbols – ‘fire door keep shut’ is one of the more common blue fire safety signs.


what colour are fire equipment signs

Red prohibition signs are circular with a red border, white background and black image and warn you of what not to do in order to maintain safety. Fire equipment signs are square with red background and white images and are used to indicate the location of fire-fighting equipment.

what does the fire extinguisher sign indicate?

Red is used to denote danger and they indicate the location of fire equipment in an emergency situation.

what colour are fire exit signs

In the United States, exit signs can have either red or green lettering, but traditionally have been red.


what does a fire safety sign which is blue with white text indicate?

Blue fire safety signs denote mandatory action. As per BS 5499, these signs must take the form of blue circles with white font or symbols – ‘fire door keep shut’ is one of the more common blue fire safety signs.


green signs f Usually square or oblong, fire exit signs are green and white. Green is often used to symbolise emergency escape and no danger, and these signs show occupants the most efficient way out of a building in the event of an emergencyire safety

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