Satin String Bag in Nigeria

It is almost holiday season again, and yet another opportunity to get those Satin String Bag in Nigeria, to package your items. Satin bags are portable lightweight reusable string bags, these draw string gift bags are wonderful to spread the love through the festive coming season.


String bags or drawstring bag, are are small, lightweight string backpack that is adjustable with two strings. You pull the strings to close the bag, and pull the bag apart at the top when you want to access the items stored inside drawstring bag, or cinch-up backpack.

We should remember that these are eco friendly string bags that are extremely portable. They can be made from various items. There are nylon drawstring bags, polyester drawstring bag, cotton string bag, turtle bags string bag, Satin String Bag in Nigeria, waterproof string bag, canvas string bag, velvet string bag, leather draw string bag etc.

Satin String Bag in Nigeria Satin String Bag in Nigeria Satin String Bag in Nigeria


The size of each string bags can vary, and depends on your need, but they are all very comfortable drawstring bags.

  • The 12×15 satin bags are excellent for packaging gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other celebrations that are quickly homing in this season.
  • The satin drawstring bags 8×10 are another pettite gift string bags
  • Even if you don’t relish the idea of smaller string bag, there are still large string bag – a large draw string bag capable of meeting your needs.

You can even get colored drawstring bags too. We have black string bag, brown drawstring bag, white string bag, red string bag, blue string bag, green string bag, orange string bag,  

When you package your gifts using these string bags, there are no limits to your creativity; you can get personalised string bags, to get your satin drawstring bags with logo on it.

If you are feeling extravagant, there are designer string bag, including:

  • Nike string bag;
  • Puma string bag;
  • Gucci string bag;
  • Louis Vuitton string bag;
  • Jordan string bag;
  • Vinyl drawstring bag;
  • Wandf drawstring backpack;

There’s also childrens draw string bag, branded with designs of their favourite cartoons and Tv shows, such as: avengers drawstring bag, disney string backpack, football string bag and soccer string bag, disney princess drawstring bag and fortnite string bag, wrestling drawstring bags etc. That you can get for your children.

At branditprintit, you get the best drawstring bag, at one of the best rates for a comfortable Satin String Bag in Nigeria, that you can use to package and send that gift today.

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