Media Backdrop Stand

Media Backdrop Stand

When it comes to one of the latest popular trends in interior design, media walls  or Media Backdrop Stand come in on the list. They are rather more of a recent trend in home interior design when compared with feature walls, which feels like something that has been around for long. The question now is, what is a media wall? A media wall is the wall in your living room or lounge that you have your TV mounted on. However for best results, many take the idea much further by creating elaborately bespoke stud wall frameworks in which to hide cable, house integrated storage space such as shelves, cupboards and drawers, and incorporate appliances as it interests them.

Media Backdrop Stand

When it comes to Media Backdrop Stand media walls, there are some things to consider before getting started; these includes television size, peripheral devices (like speaker systems, games consoles), and cable management. Television size is one of the important things to consider before getting started. When it comes to television, size matters. If you are integrating storage into the framework of your media wall (cupboard, shelves and drawers), it is likely you will want your television centred. A lot of people prefer their TV to be centred with other things like cupboard, shelves and drawers either above, below, either side, or even all round. If you plan on having a TV upgrade in the future, it would be preferable to do it sooner than later so that the design will not be altered, or you could decide on an alternative size and factor this into your design.


Peripheral devices which refers to speaker systems, games consoles and so on need to be put into consideration so as to know where they will be positioned, that is to accommodate a space for these devices in your media wall. Game consoles can be placed on strategic places like in a cupboard. Similarly, cable management is one of the key things to be considered as well, because the last thing you want is for aerial cables, power leads and audio-visual cables to mess up the clean aesthetic of your new media wall. It is therefore important to plan ahead and know where to place these devices and leave a channel behind to run any cable to wherever they need to go.

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