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From product launches to large-scale events, we translate your ideas into a memorable experience for Event Marketing Space Concepts & Designs.
Launch Your Pop-Up Market Before Christmas Quirky Group Create Exclusive Retail Spaces As we head into Christmas, now is the perfect time to launch a pop-up shop/market or Create Exclusive Retail Spaces. Pop-up retail spaces are still huge.

In 2015, The Telegraph reported that over the course of the following two years, 1/3 of new UK start-ups will be pop-ups, opening 3.4 million shops in total. One of the most important elements of a pop-up market are, of course, the stalls. They’ll be the way to persuade both brands to rent your space, and customers to visit. AtBranditprintit, we specialise Event Marketing Space Concepts & Designs , creating hand-made units, which always attract a crowd.
We can supply you with a set of premium market stalls. The stands can be customised to fit your ideal design, and we can add branding and colours as required. The units are lightweight and strong, easy to set up and can be flat-packed for storage. So far, our market stalls have popped up in One New Change in Lagos.

According to Hyundai CEO, “I think that as an industry we’ve not quite got it right. We expect people to come to us. I think the industry needs to adjust its way of approaching customers. We don’t do enough.”

Our showcases are designed and built to enhance our clients’ products. Our skilled team of engineers work with a variety of technologies to design and manufacture state-of-the-art displays which allow our clients to showcase their products in the best possible light in any location. At the heart of our philosophy is beauty, versatility and portability.

Our products incorporate a wide range of cutting edge technology to engage your audience. We work with multiple Audio Visual platforms and our products feature built-in audience tracking and event analytics software to assist ROI analysis. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to create bespoke structures for any occasion. Imagination is the beginning of creation

We have worked on many international campaigns with a broad range of international clients. We can assist with as much or as little as you require from structure design to logistical planning and fulfilment.

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