3D Printed Ashtray Preserves Cigars Automatically

J-CAD Inc. has created a 3D printed Ashtray which automatically extinguishes and preserves unfinished cigars. The product was developed by a cigar enthusiast named Ray, who contacted J-CAD Inc., a company that specializes in 3D CAD design and drafting to create a simple design for the automatic cigar ashtray.With the help of J-CAD, Ray completed […]
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IR3 3D Printer That Can Integrate Non-printable Components

Buzz Technology Limited’s 3D printer design is based on standard FDM technology but it can also reach for parts from a tray and integrate non-printable components into a 3D printed object. The components of 3D Printer can include electronic modules, wheels, electric motor power drives, cameras, sensors, remote control and all kinds of stuff so […]
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EU Works on Food Printer to Create Personalized Meals for the Elderly

Recently Natural Machines made the news with more detailed specifications about their long-expected healthy food printer, which will be released later on this year. The news was remarkable, as food printing today mainly refers to producing less healthy products, such as chocolates, sweets andspace pizzas. Now, only two weeks later, another party is trying the healthier side of food printing. […]
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Carbon3D Reaches Incredible 3D Printing Speeds with CLIP!

LCarbon3D, a company unknown until now, just came out with groundbreaking 3D printing technology which is 25 to 100 times faster than currently available commercial PolyJet or SLA machines. It is a true quantum leap forward for 3D printing speed! The company uses new 3D printing process they named “Continuous Liquid Interface Production” or CLIP. […]
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