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Branded Corporate Gift Bags

Branded Corporate Gift Bags Ideas in Nigeria

Gift bags were invented by Francis Wolle. He was playing  around when he had an idea and started folding paper into a bag shape using origami. After some messy attempts he found a way to make it sturdy enough to hold an item. There began the idea of corporate gifts bags and subsequently branded  gift bags […]
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Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas in Nigeria

Gifts are good ways to show appreciation. Unique corporate gifts ideas are those that portray a touch of thoughtfulness.  If you want to leave a lasting impression about how much you care, then you have to be creative. The uniqueness of your gift shows how much time and effort and thoughtfulness you put into finding […]
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Customized Diary Printing in Nigeria

Customized Diary Printing in Nigeria

Customized dairy in Nigeria is very popular. Diaries are known by almost everybody. Everyone must have seen a diary before, either owned, with a friend, from a random person, in pictures or in videos. A diary simply put is a book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences. It is a […]
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