Pros and Cons of Chatsonic in a few Hours of use.


Pro’s and Con’s of  Chatsonic, A ChatGPT Alternative in 2023


Pro's-and-Con's-of-Chatsonic a ChatGPT alternative

Chatsonic is a ChatGPT alternative in 2023  i discovered in  in a recently published article.

The Article provides useful information on some of the top alternatives to use  instead of ChatGPT and in my humble opinion , I think this is very useful. thanks to them.

Of recent ChatGPT  short for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, an outstandingly amazing Chatbot launched by OpenAI  has been having some intermittent downtimes. and this can be quite a problem just when you want to do something really urgent.

So I searched around on the internet for some other alternatives  to ChatGPT that i could use in such a moment and i found this peice. you can use these alternatives when you need some assistance from similar AI powered tools. without having to wait till ChatGPT is back online.

I’ve tried one of this alternatives namely Chatsonic and under a few hour of use I came up with the following observations which forms the basis of my writing this article.

ChatSonic ChatBOT

Let’s get down to the Pro’s , real quick.


  • Chatsonic’s Mother App Writesonic has some really nice SEO friendly approach to writing articles.

    chATGPT Alternative in 2023

  • Writesonic is quick to generate nice ideas for paragraphs , outlines and topics (you may want to source for such ideas to write or outline  a book or an article)

  • Chatsonic is not so quick to have a downtime at the moment .

Now to the Con’s

  • Writesonic still needs to work on their interface to give it a more intuitive outlook than is already obtainable.

  • For those used to the chatting-with-a-pal approach that’s used in ChatGPT Writesonic has something similar, it is called Chatsonic , although it is great because I used it and it has some amazing  answers for your questions , I personally think that for a better user experience the app buttons on the chat page could be stripped down to the barest minimum, or they could introduce a feature like the WordPress’ distraction free writing mode to strip the page of such buttons to the barest minimum.

  • and finally Writesonic is designed in a way such as to quickly onboard users to the premium plan experience of the app by stripping down the more sophisticated functions in a way that is not subtle enough to be easily ignored by users. pardon me , I like freebies , or don’t you?

Finally , I think Writesonic and her property app Chatsonic are great tools however it must be said that while this age of AI Chatbots  are amazing we must be cautious to productively engage with the benefits rather than be lazy with it . as nothing can be as good as good ol’  intellectual exercise that is stimulated by the challenge of having to put a good piece of article together by inspiration.


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