Double Sided Roll Up Banner in Nigeria

Double Sided Roll Up Banner

Having visibility of your brand  is extremely important for optimizing the reach, Presence leads, and sales of a company or business. In these digital times you need to get your brand in front of relevant audiences and boost brand building and awareness. So to get double exposure to your business a Double Sided Roll Up Banner in Nigeria would be needed. These banners are printed on two separate banners and heat welded together back-to-back. They work well for advertising in two different directions so customers can see no matter which way they are driving by your business or organization.


It’s a simple yet effective solution that’s worked for decades. Whether you’re advertising a sale at a retail store or attempting to attract new restaurant patrons, signs and Double Sided Roll Up Banner in Nigeria are a great way to lure in new business.  Here are some of the most common types of banner materials:


Mesh Vinyl

Adhesive Vinyl

Polyester Fabric


With so many materials to choose from, how do you make sure you select the best type? It really boils down to your intentions and visions for your banner or sign. Is the banner going to be indoors or outdoors? Do different materials have better ink compatibility for certain colors? Have you made a decision between vinyl vs fabric banners?

Below, we’ll highlight some of the most popular types of signage material, the characteristics of each, and their respective benefits and drawbacks.


Mesh Vinyl


Like vinyl, mesh vinyl has waterproof and fade resistant qualities. The difference is that this material has tiny holes in it, which allows air to pass through and makes the material more breathable. Because of this mesh quality, mesh vinyl has a longer lifespan than traditional vinyl. Another advantage of mesh vinyl is that it’s wind resistant. As air passes through the holes, it moves quietly and prevents the banner from flapping in the wind.

Mesh vinyl banners are a great investment if you’re seeking a long-term solution that will last for years to come. Roll up banner price in Nigeria are very affordable in Branditprintit. Moreover, if you’re looking for the size of roll up banner in feet, whether you are in Lagos Nigeria, Abuja, Port Harcourt, you can contact Branditprintit.


Adhesive Vinyl Banners


Adhesive vinyl banners are an excellent alternative to free-standing banners. If you have a wall, window, or smooth surface that you can hang the banner from, an adhesive vinyl banner might be the perfect choice for you.

One of the biggest advantages of adhesive banners is that they stick to a surface, so you don’t have to worry about your banner blowing over or flapping loudly in the wind.


Polyester Fabric Banners


Fabric banners offer sharp, high-quality color and photo quality prints for professional looking advertising. Ideal for indoor use, these polyester fabric banners are printed with a dye-sublimation process that creates vibrant photo-quality color. Thanks to their fabric material, polyester banners are scratch-resistant.

Because polyester is a fabric, this sign material isn’t suitable for most outdoor environments. However, if you will only be using your banner outside in mild weather for a few hours, this might be a good option for you.


Canvas Banners


Many canvas banners are made of premium cotton duck canvas — a highly durable material that’s been used in heavy-duty applications such as work wear and boat sails for many years. Canvas is one of the highest quality materials thanks to its wind-resistant quality and artistic aesthetic. Just like fine works of art, canvas banners offer a professional look and often times look hand painted thanks to their semi-gloss finish. This adds an element of class to any event or promotion. The woven texture of canvas also adds a nice touch for those who are looking for an aesthetically pleasing option.


Double sided banners are a great and affordable way of advertising your product as well as other displays flying banners. gazebo, pop up displays, etc

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