Custom Wooden Plaque Awards in Lagos

Custom Wooden Plaque Awards

A Plaque or custom engraved plaques is a type of recognition award that can be made from different materials like wood (or custom wood plaques) or glass or even metal. Wall plaques aren’t often made of wood but can also be made of glass and acrylic, a plastic polymer and contain a special engraved message or inscription. Branditprintit is number 1 in Custom Wooden Plaque Awards in Lagos, also in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin, Ibadan, Kano, Kaduna, Asaba, Warri, etc.

A Plaque can be wood award plaque blanks, also an inscribed commemorative or ornamental tablet composed of a durable material such as metal or wood that is attached to a wall or placed on shelves for plaques and awards

Custom Wooden Plaque Awards Custom Wooden Plaque Awards

A wooden award plaque , or custom award plaque or Custom Wooden Plaque Awards is made from wood. They are also used for special award or excellence, appreciation, best performance and many others. Wood award plaques are very popular and in high demand as much as glass award plaques and crystal award plaque. They can be customized and personalized for any occasion and such as work place award ceremonies or even given as survernouirs after a tourist visit. Wooden award plaque are made of 100% wood. Though, like mahogany , walnut and other types of wood. Well treated wood and good package stand the test of time or harsh weather

BranditPrintit widen award plaque makers in Lagos has personalized wooden award plaques and wooden trophies which can also be used any event, achievement milestone,  our design tell the story of the mile stone achievement of the recipient as though we were there all through the journey. Employees are usually thrilled to get a recognition from their employers, we help to make that feeling great and special.

Our Wooden award plaques  come in different shapes and sizes. There is  6″ by 8″, 8″ by 10″, 9″ by 12″, 12″ by 15″, as well as standing wood. The choice of wood varies according to the client.

The shapes ranges from triangular, square, rectangular ,shield, and others, {you can view our gallery for more shape and sizes} some are madt to stand of surfaces and some are made to be hung on walls. among others. The designs are made from components of gold, silver and or white aluminum plates. We also use the  sublimation method of printing on the aluminum. And once sublimated or transferred, it cannot be erased

BranditPrintit makes unique award plates, and award plaques design along with wooden trophy design ideas collection of eco-friendly trophies and custom wood awards. We pride in our excellently designed, laser engraved and exquisite artworks that will put a smile on the recipient and instill that feeling of a sense of belonging, and it’s plaques and awards near me. This why customers are always satisfied with us

So if you are looking for award plaques in Port Harcourt, award plaques in Abuja or wooden awards in Lagos


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