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AWARDS represent achievements, appreciation for a job well done. Glass and crystal award are recognition pieces of very high value. They are made from glass in moldable form, achieved by sand firing that is heating sand particles at very high temperature. Branditprintit provides Custom Glass Awards Plaques in Nigeria. You can find them in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Warri, Kaduna, Owerri, Ibadan, Benin City, Jos, Uyo and Calabar.

Whether is an executive award or a presidential award or an appreciation award, a glass award or crystal glass awards are also known as unique glass awards, can be chosen because they speak more louder than a wooden award. Crystal clear and jade glass are very strong materials, although crystal clear is slightly less stronger. A  customized engraved glass award or crystal award or engraved glass trophies cheap can pass to  the recipient the intended message. Which can be ‘thank you’ or ‘job well done’ or ‘congratulations’

custom glass awards and plaques

Types of glass used in the making of awards are: glass, crystal and acrylic crystal and here are differences between glass and crystal. Then there is also the Jade glass which derives its green or blueish color from the high amount of iron ore that it has. A side view that reveals its colour.  Others are art glass awards, clear glass awards, as well as recycled glass awards. The major difference between the two is price; crystal clear is about double the price of jade glass.

The least expensive and least clear of the three materials is glass . Glass is made from moldable silica sand, glass awards  are usually available in crystal clear glass and jade glass. Crystal clear glass is a high quality glass that is clear and closely resembles crystal.

Our glass awards are personalized and 3D engraved. We apply all three methods commonly  used especially , laser engraving and mechanical engraving. Although they all proved their individual different looks  looks, the choice is yours to make

At BranditPrintit, we are aware that most organizations love to recognize their best staff or appreciate hard working staff who have put in their best and made a remarkable impact in the organization. We are also aware that the wrong choice of  award plaque designs like glass award or crystal award can also send wrong signals of low recognition to the recipient  people love to be recognized and celebrated. That’s why we put in painstaking effort to capture every message and tiny  detail on the award. We make the recipient feel like we were there through the journey to the great achievement and success. If you are searching for glass awards engraved near me, you can contact the number below.

At BranditPrintit, we love it beautiful and appealing. So we put in our best to ensure we deliver the best and most beautiful and appealing   engraved glass plaque awards of various shapes and sizes and colours. And yes it is very possible to have quality at affordable best prices only  BranditPrintit can offer. You can trust us for the best

If you need a Custom Glass Awards Plaques either in Lagos, Port Harcourt,  Abuja, we  can deliver to any part of the country. Contact us here 08030632553

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